Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets II (1984)

After the Beatles, the Meat Puppets are probably my favorite band. And if it weren’t for Kurt Cobain covering three of their songs on Unplugged, then I might have taken a lot longer to notice them. I love this album a lot, but I would recommend you start with their fifth album, Huevos, and then jump around from there.

As the title suggests, this is their second album, and a significant improvement from their debut. This time around, they toned down the Hardcore Punk and went for a more Country-infused and melodic sound, while keeping their distinctive gritty, groaning Punk style on a handful of songs.

Conclusion: One of my favorite albums from my second favorite band. A great mix of light, airy instrumental melodies with the fast, scratchy-throated Punk. I even love listening to the demo versions as part of the album. Just avoid “Teenagers.”

Samples: ‘Aurora Borealis’‘Lost’‘Magic Toy Missing’

Spotify (1-12 is the album, 13 sucks, 14-19 are cool demo versions)

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